Booster Sextuples in Pokemon Duel

Booster sextuples are back for a limited time (until April 19, 2017)! For those who weren’t around the last time they were released, booster sextuples are limited time packs that you can buy for 300 gems each and contains 6 figures (1 of them a guaranteed EX), 3 plates, and 300 materials. This is the only booster that guarantees an EX figure. There are limits on how many sextuples you can purchase (and in this case it’s 5).

One drawback of booster sextuples is that it contains limited figures. Most of the newer figures (like Sceptile, Deoxys, Reuniclus, etc.)  cannot be pulled from a sextuple. There are still great figures you can pull from a sextuple.

Here is the current list of figures and plates that can be pulled from a Booster Sextuple:

Want to see what I pulled from five sextuple packs?

Sextuple Pack #1:

Sextuple Pack #2:

Sextuple Pack #3:

Sextuple Pack #4:

Sextuple Pack #5:

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