Groudon Now Available in Pokemon Duel

The Fire Gym Cup is now underway and Groudon is an exclusive figure to the event. You can obtain Groudon by opening Gym Boosters or by winning 35 and 65 Gym Cup duels (yes, you can earn two).

Check out Groudon’s stats here:

Groudon will only be available until April 12, 2017.


  1. Hey man, thanks for the articles, but I posted a comment on one of your articles yesterday, but I’ve lost track of it and asking whether you knew why I was able to pull a Rayquaza when according to the Game’s League rewards you won’t be able to pull one until the Ultra League (2100+)

      • So single, double, quadruple, and sextuple boosters are fair game for anything?

        • Unfortunately not, hit “Box Contents” in the Booster section of the Shop to see what you can get inside those boosters.

      • Then how come, in the current version, only 8 Ex figures are listed as available in the single booster pack?
        Appreciate the prompt replies so far man

  2. Is your username on Pokemon Duel Ash? And did you use a Whimsicott, Shuppet, Pupitar (Tyranitar), Ivysaur (Venesaur) team? I don’t remember the rest of the figures. If so, we fought each other today = )

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