How-to Use Carmonite in Pokemon Duel

Before the Pokemon Duel 4.0.0 update, the max level for Pokemon figures was 5. Figures can now be leveled up to level 10, which allows you to increase the size of a wheel segment by 1 each time the figure levels up.

Carmonite can be obtained in Black Timed Boosters (for players in Ultra League or higher), as rewards in Hall matches and Gym Cups, and through login bonuses.

How-to Use Carmonite in Pokemon Duel

1. Go to the Fusion page and select a level 5+ figure (your figure must be level 5 or higher in order to use Carmonites).

2. Add Carmonites to the fusion (you must have enough Carmonite to level up the figure otherwise you will not be able to add).

# of Carmonites Needed Per Level

Common figures = 10 Carmonite
Uncommon figures = 20 Carmonite
Rare figures = 50 Carmonite
EX figures = 100 Carmonite
UX figures = 150 Carmonite

Fusing with Carmonite does not cost any coins.

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