Pokemon Duel Stuck on Home Screen

There is a bug in Pokemon Duel that causes players to be stuck on the home screen. The buttons cannot be pressed and the bottom option bar is grayed out.

How-to Fix Non-Responsive Home Screen Issue in Pokemon Duel

You will need to force close the app and reopen. You may also need to turn off and on your wifi and restart your device. If the issue still occurs, hit the Clear Cache button on the title screen and try again.

Unfortunately, if none of these steps work you will need to wait it out. Do not uninstall the game without creating a Transfer ID, otherwise you will lose your account.


  1. This finally happened to me. I have played for just about 7 days… Right now at the number 20th game play at the 6th hotel at the Quest. I played a few League games everyday as well and just started playing the Gym battle a couple days ago…. This is really annoying….

  2. After completing the full cache clear I proceeded to restart the phone (After a few annoying attempts at opening an closing the game an still nothing from the cache clear) However, all is good now! think the restart allowed the game to shut down completely 🙂

  3. This happens when at the start of the day when daily bonus screen, messages and daily missions screen are opening and if your internet network is poor then u will stuck on the home screen!

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