What’s New in the Pokemon Duel 3.0.6 Update?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new 3.0.6 update for Pokemon Duel. We’ll start with the best news, Booster Sextuples are back!

Booster Sextuples

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokemon Duel, Booster Sextuples are available again for a limited time (until April 19). A Booster Sextuple includes 6 figures (1 of them a guaranteed EX), 3 plates, and 300 materials, and can be purchased for 300 gems. A maximum of five Booster Sextuples can be purchased per person during this period.

There are 20 different EX figures available in the sextuples (note: most of the newer EX’s cannot be obtained from a sextuple):

Ho-Oh Infernape Lugia Empoleon
Latias Yveltal Latios Xerneas
Metagross Moltres Mewtwo Zapdos
Manaphy Articuno Rayquaza Chesnaught
Mew Delphox Torterra Greninja

Here’s the entire list of figures and plates that can be drawn from a Booster Sextuple:

One-Year Anniversary Gem Sale

In addition to the Booster Sextuples, you can now purchase 876 gems for $7.99 in the shop until April 19. Limited one purchase per customer.

New Figures

Eleven figures, including three [EX] figures, have been added to the Recommended Booster:

[EX] Virizion

[EX] Sceptile

[EX] Trevenant

[R] Groyvle

[R] Lilligant

[R] Crobat

[UC] Skorupi

[UC] Swellow

[UC] Chikorita

[UC] Phantump

[UC] Petilil

The following figures are also available again in Recommended Boosters.

EX Rare Uncommon
Venusaur Salamence Bulbasaur
Chesnaught Drapion Weezing
Greninja Tentacruel Tropius
Genesect Leafeon Haunted
Articuno Shiftry Tentacool
Whimsicott Golbat

New Plates

New plates have been added to the shop:

[R] Tropical Energy (Cost: 1)

Any special conditions are removed from your Grass, Flying, and Bug-type Pokemon. During this duel, the effects of Abilities that allow one to respin or force respins in battle are nullified for the battle opponents of your Grass, Flying, and Bug-type Pokemon. Your turn ends.

[R] Phantom Energy (Cost: 1)

During this duel, your Ghost-type Pokemon can move over Pokemon affected by special conditions when using a MP move. In addition, when one or more of your Ghost-type Pokemon are among those surrounding an opposing Pokemon, if there are three or more opposing Pokemon on the field or bench with the same name as the surrounded Pokemon, remove the surrounded Pokemon from the game. Your turn ends.

These new plates are now available in Recommended Boosters:

[UC] Sticky Grass (Cost: 1)

Select on of your Grass-type Pokemon on the field. While that Pokemon is on the field, the battle opponents of that Pokemon cannot respin. Spin-again effects are treated as single spins only.

[UC] Concentrated Fertilizer (Cost: 1)

Select 1 of your Grass-type Pokemon on the field or bench. For this turn, that Pokemon gains ★+1. It also gains damage +20.

Time Booster (Orange)

Time Booster (Orange) are now available again by winning duels in League Matches or from Locked Boosters. The booster is guaranteed to hold Grass or Poison-type figures and will be available until April 26.

Figure Stat Balance Adjustment

[EX] Venusaur

  • Added the Chemical Pollen Ability

We’ve given [EX] Venusaur the Chemical Pollen Ability, which gives MP -1 to all Pokemon affected by Poison or Noxious while this Pokemon is on the field. [EX] Venusaur really shines when paired with Pokemon that can inflict Poison or Noxious on the opposing Pokemon. Note that this effect is not cumulative. For example, if you have two [EX] Venusaur, the affected Pokemon will not get MP -2.

[R] Drapion

  • Changed Toxic to Venom Whip and increased its wheel piece size.
  • Changed Bite to Noxious Fang 50.
  • Increased Cross Poison 60 to Cross Poison 70.
  • Decreased the wheel piece size of Miss.

While [R] Drapion was a figure with characteristics including the Battle Armor ability and an attack that inflicted Noxious, its capabilities were set at a low level. We have now comprehensively powered it up with the Toxic Attack and switched to a new ★★ purple attack, Venom Whip, which can inflict Noxious on a Pokemon that is 1 or 2 steps away. We also raised its damage values and decreased the wheel piece size of its Miss.

[UC] Bulbasaur

  • Increased the wheel piece size of Poison Power.
  • Changed Vine Whip 30 to Seed Bomb 50, and increased its wheel piece size.
  • Decreased the wheel piece size of Miss.

Along with the adjustments to [EX] Venusaur, we have also powered up [UC] Bulbasaur slightly. While it still has the characteristically large wheel piece size of its Miss, we have slightly powered up its capability to inflict special conditions on the opponent.

[UC] Weezing

  • Increased the ★s for Poison Gas (★->★★).
  • Increased Sludge Bomb 40 to Sludge Bomb 50
  • Decreased the wheel piece size of Miss

[UC] Weezing, with its characteristic Sludge Bomb (which inflicts Poison on all Pokemon within 2 steps of it), makes for fun duels. Now, by comprehensively powering up that capability, we can expect it to begin to perform well in League Matches.

Figures and Plates Unavailable

The following figures are no longer obtainable in Recommended Boosters:

EX Rare Uncommon
Ho-Oh Steelix Golem
Rhyperior Wobbuffet Audino
Heatran Gabite Zangoose
Torterra Tyranitar Haunter
Delphox Onix Larvitar
Reshiram Vaporeon Gible
Magmortar Jolteon Hoothoot
Moltres Flareon Rhydon
Magmar Purrloin

The following plates are also obtainable:

Quick Care
Power Battle

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