What’s New in the Pokemon Duel 4.0.4 Update?

New figures and plates are here in Pokemon Duel version 4.0.4. Find out all of the new changes here.

Booster 10-Packs are Back!

Booster 10-Packs are once again available for a limited time. In a Booster 10-Pack, at least 1 is guaranteed to be an [EX] or rarer figure. A total of 25 [UX] and [EX] figures are available including [EX] Solgaleo and [EX] Tapu Lele. You can check the contents of a Booster by tapping Box Contents. The Booster 10-Pack will be available until October 10 (07:59 UTC).

Gem Sale

From now until October 10 (07:59 UTC),  you will get additional gems with your gem purchase. Limit of one purchase per item per customer.

Next Gym Cup

The next Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel will be Poison/Psychic!

New Figures

Several new figures have been added to Pokemon Duel including [EX] Solgaleo, [EX] Tapu Lele, [R] Cosmog, [R] Cosmoem, [R] Espeon, [UC] Igglybuff, and [UC] Oricorio Pa’u Style. To see all of the stats for the new figures, go here.

New Plate

A new plate, Poison Blade, is now available in Recommended Boosters.

Figure Stat Balance Adjustment

Figures Unavailable

The following figures are no longer available:


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